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Lintec Graphic Film introduces 'VOID' security marking
substrate for low surface energy applications

Lintec Graphic Films, a leading UK supplier of specialist pressure sensitive, coated film products for durable label applications, has introduced an innovative 'VOID' security film that offers instant tamper-indicating qualities, even when applied to UV lacquered or low surface energy plastics such as polypropylene and polyethylene.

Once applied, the new material reveals a clear, non-reversible 'VOID' message, making it an invaluable benefit in a host of industrial security marking applications. Designed for conventional and high-resolution 600dpi thermal transfer printing, Lintec Graphic Films' 50 micron, metallised, matt-silver, polyester film offers label printers and converters a number of important benefits when compared to other films available on the market. In particular, these include an extremely compact 'VOID' message that allows the complete text to be displayed and ensures suitability with the smallest label sizes. In addition, unlike many 'VOID' security labels, which can often take days or weeks to properly adhere to textured or low surface energy materials, Lintec Graphic Film's new offering upholds label integrity by ensuring instant and solid adhesion.

Thanks to innovative substrate engineering, Lintec Graphic Films' VOID security film works by combining the correct level of adhesive strength for the application surface with the required release performance of the 'VOID' message. 'Typically, most 'VOID' security labels on the market will perform to expectations if applied to a surface such as glass, but more difficult materials with lower surface energies reduce the performance capability of the VOID face film and adhesive combination', explains Gary Flavell, Lintec Graphic Films' Technical Manager. 'Unfortunately, a number of 'VOID' security labels are formulated with a VOID release coating that has too tight a release in combination with an inferior adhesive', he adds. 'In such cases, applying a high performance adhesive will not ensure that the VOID text is removed from the polyester face film. Instead, if the release lacquer remains bonded to the film, the 'VOID' message will not break from the polyester and the label would simply peel off as one and defeat the object of providing evidence of tampering.'

Lintec Graphic Films' 'VOID' security film is available now and is compatible with an array of industrial applications that include rating plates, seal labels for electronic components and anti-pilfering outer case seals.



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