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New ultra-consistent five-year cast vinyl film
delivers improved thermal transfer printability
and higher levels of adhesion

Now available, a thermal transfer printable cast vinyl film, which delivers long lasting superior printed results in an array of labelling applications. The ultra-consistent and very smooth 50μ film (product code 03-790) also offers new levels of adhesion and durability, which guarantee outdoor performance for five-years.

Lintec Graphic Films' 03-790 has been specifically engineered to meet a plethora of robust label project requirements and offers very high levels of initial tack and bond to various materials, including low surface energy plastics, as well as textured and powder coated surfaces. This durability, together with increased softness, ensures that 03-790 is perfectly suited to industrial applications that demand a high degree of conformability. Indeed, once applied, the film offers the visual effect of having been painted on, such is the ease with which it assumes the shape of the surface’s texture. As a result, the new film offers particular benefits when used in conjunction with many appliances and outdoor goods, and satisfies automotive requirements where its advanced adhesion allows it to fit compactly within the complex metal undulations.

As well as a cost-effective price, a key differentiator of Lintec Graphic Films' new cast vinyl film is its ability to conform to compound curvature. This is not the case with some label materials, such as polyester, which can only adhere to surfaces curved in one dimension. Instead, the softness of 03-790 ensures that it forms in different directions, thereby enabling it to be moulded around different shapes.

A further benefit is delivered by cast vinyl’s lack of ‘memory’, which means that once applied, it stays in position. Again, this is not the case with polyester, the natural tendency of which is to revert to being flat and instantly release itself from its surface, putting the adhesive under constant stress.

“Thanks to its ability to exceed the durability, conformability and, in particular the adhesive strength of the closest cast vinyl film product offered by our main competitor, we believe that our 03-790 film offers the additional performance that the market has been seeking,” says Andy Voss, Managing Director of Lintec Graphic Films Ltd. “Add to that the cost-effectiveness and printability of this product and it’s clear to see that 03-790 is a genuine game-changer for those seeking to sharpen their competitiveness and improve their bottom line,” he adds.

Lintec Graphic Films' new 50μ thermal transfer printable cast vinyl film is available now and can be supplied ex stock.



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