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Lintec Corporation warehousing

Lintec Corporation - warehousing

With multiple warehousing facilities strategically positioned at sites across the world, Lintec Corporation is able to meet and dispatch stock requirements quickly – whatever the destination.

As with all key aspects of Lintec Corporation’s operations, these warehousing resources reflect an investment in innovation and technology. For example, the cutting-edge facility at Tatsuno (Japan), which is fully automated to deliver a fast moving and ultra efficient performance. At approximately 26 metres high, this warehouse has sufficient capacity to enable vast quantities of stock to be held ready for immediate dispatch. Here, orders are electronically picked, labeled, verified and released using a robotized system; coated master rolls can be sent to the in-house slitting operation for bespoke customer requirements.

At all Lintec Corporations warehouse facilities, materials and orders are tracked and maintained by built-in inventory management systems, ensuring complete accuracy and security.


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